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Thinking about Joey Bosa and the San Diego Chargers already


The San Diego Chargers season is over. I know there is still a miracle shot that the Chargers could make it into the playoffs, but let’s not make any mistakes, we are sitting at the basement in the league and we are losing offensive weapons left and right. It is already time to look at the NFL Draft. This might be the earliest that we started looking at draft prospects in the season in a long long time.

One player that we will be keeping our eyes on is Joey Bosa out of Ohis State. Bosa has been dominating college football and is getting consideration as the top pick in the draft.

Just check out his tape from last season:

Bosa would have to declare for the NFL Draft, but it seems that he is leaning in that direction. Here is some tape from him last week:

I don’t care who is coaching this Chargers defense, but this team needs to have a playmaker like that on the defensive line. The Chargers need to build up the beef up front and need to get pressure all over quarterbacks.

Our defense has been horrid all season and there are a number of things that are wrong with it. The team needs to build up the trenches immediately. Corey Liuget is a solid defensive lineman, but he doesn’t get any help from the other players along the line. Adding a Bosa to the line would  go a long way.

Imagine working with Bosa at the defensive end position and this team switching the defense over to a 4-3. Bosa could be playing at one end and Jerry Attaochu could come off the other end. Attaochu has shown some potential this season and could be a solid pass rushing end in the 4-3. Line up Corey Liuget inside and we already have some decent pieces to make plays on defense.

Bosa wouldn’t cure a lot of the trash on the defense, but he definitely would give this team some beef up front.