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Open Thread: The Bye Week Blues


Good Morning Fellow Charger Fans.

The Chargers are on a bye week, and hopefully getting healthy. This post is getting up a little late, as I actually got to sleep in today for the first time in weeks. I am going to kick back on the couch, and cruise around to the other games in the league to see if I can get some football enjoyment out of the weekend.

As I look through the morning games, it appears to be a wasteland of “why should I care” games. I guess I hope that Riverboat Ron takes down Tennessee, because I love what he is doing in Carolina. Didn’t we let that guy go, and keep Norv? I guess I am hoping that Cleveland beats the Steelers, because it puts them lower on the draft list, and hands Pittsburgh a loss… which would be fun to watch. I guess I am hoping that Jacksonville beats the Ravens, for the same reasons. I hope Philly beats Miami, because I can’t stand them. And hoping Washington beats New Orleans, because I don’t like their organization, and I like the Redskins as underdogs. It might be funny to see the Lions hand Green Bay a second loss, the Bucs to beat the Cowboys deeper into the hole, and the Rams to beat Chicago.

I’m going to delicately marinate some bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and head to the store for fresh brussel sprouts, and some potatoes to make au graten, and pick up some Sculpin IPA to go along with some Pliny Elder I have been squirreling away for a weekend just like this. I see some clouds moving in, the sun is peeping through, and I get to forget about work for the next 8 hours. So, things could be worse right? Not to mention, I just got my 2015 Powder Blue Philip Rivers jersey to complete my “Four Horseman of the Chargocalypse” collection (Gates / Weddle / Floyd / Rivers). So, good times.

The afternoon games are Vikings at Oakland where I hope the Vikings bring Oakland down to Earth… Kansas City at Mile High, where I hope a meteorite strikes the field… Patriots at Giants, same meteorite thing… Seahawks host the Cards, not interested… and we close out the week with Houston in Cincy. I have DeAndre Hopkins, Andy Dalton, Giovanni Bernard, and Marvin Jones playing that game on my fantasy team, so I hope it’s a high-scoring affair.

Enjoy the bye week folks! See you back here next Sunday for the Chiefs home game, where we will see if the Chargers have made any good use of the time off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!