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Will the San Diego Chargers win another game?


Just looking at the remaining schedule, I would predict that the Chargers only get one more win for the rest of the year… maybe. That is how bad this team is at this point. We know that Philip Rivers is going to continue fighting, but he doesn’t have the help around him to finish out the year. He already has lost his top receiver. Malcom Floyd may be gone for the rest of the year as well. Antonio Gates is hobbled. The only weapons he has is Danny Woodhead and Stevie Johnson. Let’s not even talk about this defense.

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Or maybe we talk about how terrible the defense is. They can’t stop anyone and the rest of the league knows. You can run up and down on this defense and teams have not had any issues moving the ball down the field on them.

Who can the Chargers get a win against? The Broncos are not as good as they were in the past on offense, but that defense is crazy good and will shut down anything we try to do on offense. Can our defense stop an old Peyton Manning? Likely not. That is 2 losses right off the top.

Can we beat the Chiefs? We struggled to beat the Chiefs when we were a decent team. Now we are an awful team. Alex Smith or even their backup would kill our non-defense.

The Raiders? We are not as good as the Raiders. It pains me to admit it, but we are that bad this year.

That leaves the only chances at a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins. If we get a win down the stretch, it will likely be against Jacksonville. I can’t even guarantee that win.

THINGS ARE UGLY IN SAN DIEGO! How many more wins will we have at the end of the year?

Now…. did we see the last win as the San Diego Chargers?