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Time to buy those Chargers playoff tickets


If you didn’t know, it is time to put down that dough to buy the San Diego Chargers playoff tickets! You better get in on that train before they all sell out.

Check out the letter that was sent out to San Diego Chargers season ticket holders:

Sure it says that all 32 NFL teams are required to send this out, but there is absolutely no chance in hell that the Chargers needed to send this out. Just another slap in the face to the fans. They might as well have added another letter in the envelope that said, sorry that we had to send this to you, we know there is no chance in hell!

Hopefully nobody sends in that money. If they did, they must not have been paying attention to this season. If you have sent in that money, they can send me some dough for the Chargers playoff shirts that we will be making. They cost $300…. limited edition. Just make the checks out to CASH.

h/t reddit