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Donald Butler has to try to be this bad


There are a lot of issues on the San Diego Chargers, but one of the worst players in the starting lineup is Donald Butler. How is he still starting in the middle of the defense? He has to try and be as bad as he has played!

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Against the Chicago Bears, he finished the game with 1 tackle! JUST ONE! In the last 2 games, he has a total of 4 tackles. The middle linebacker position is an impact spot and he is nowhere near the football…. EVER! You can pick up a solid 4 tackles in a game with simple hustle alone at the position.

Butler doesn’t even want to get physical on goal line plays. Just sits and waits for the back to come to him and it looks like he was lifting him over the goal line.

Why is Butler still in the starting lineup? Joe Mays can get the start. Nick Dzubnar can get the start. Anyone on the roster deserves the start over Butler. Just watch Butler on every play and he is lost and he gives no effort. Watch every freaking play. It is one of the most annoying things to see. He is just jogging around with no effs given.

Check out the jog…. while Lissemore hustles his ass off:

Check out Donald Butler tackle his own man:

How does the middle linebacker not have his name called a few times per game? He is invisible to the world and should not be on the field with the rest of his teammates.