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Melvin Gordon up the middle


Melvin Gordon with the run up the middle. Melvin Gordon with the run up the middle. Melvin Gordon with the run up the middle.

Expect to hear that over and over again until we finally figure out that the run up the middle is not working at all. Frank Reich said that he wants to run the football more with Melvin Gordon to keep a balance on offense. Too bad he has only one running play in his playbook and it is to run his back right up the backs of his offensive linemen.

I like Melvin Gordon and think he can be a successful back in the league. I think he has some special skills that you cannot teach, but we are limiting his success. We need to let the kid get some runs off tackle at some points in the game.

When Melvin is in the game on offense, the game becomes very predictable. We either are going to hand him the football for him to run up the middle or he will be the first option in the passing game. Melvin Gordon could be a solid playmaker if we could get him some opportunities to be successful.

The offense may be leading the league in offensive yards this year, but there are a lot of things that still needs to be fixed. Getting a solid running attack would help this offense stay on the field to eat up the clock to keep the defense on the sideline resting.

At this point, Frank Reich is running the ball just to show the run. He just wants to set up the running game. He needs to run the ball with the purpose of being successful in the run game. He needs to lean on the running game. I don’t see that happening as long as Reich or Philip is calling the plays.

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