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Chargers vs Bears: Prediction thread


It is that time for the prediction train to roll through for the San Diego Chargers game tonight. We are on Monday Night Football today so that everyone can see that we are the best 2-6 team in the league.

We are missing a lot of players from the game again, but I am tired of using that as an excuse for the lack of wins. We just need to find a way to win football games. This team will keep trying, but I am not sure if they will find a way to win. The defense is not good enough to make stops and the offense is losing weapons left and right.

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What will the Chargers do today on the national stage?

Here are some predictions that I have going into the game:

Philip Rivers will continue to tear up defenses in the passing game, but still can’t get this team to score more that 30 points. The magic number for this team is 30! When we have put 30 points on the board, we win football games. Sadly, that is how bad our defense has been! Can we score 30 today… likely not!

The Chargers will give up a ton of yards on defense. Jay Cutler will find a way to tear up our defensive secondary. It happens in every game and we wonder what the hell happened to the Brandon Flowers that we loved from last year.

Jerry Attaochu will likely pick up a pair of sacks on Jay Cutler and that will get us stoked about something.

Melvin Gordon will run up the backs of our offensive lineman and end up with 60 yards in the game and we will wonder if we will ever figure out how to use him.

Danny Woodhead will grab first down after first down in 2 minute drills and while the team is playing catchup.

We still won’t get a yard in the punt return game.

The Chargers find another way to lose a game. Chargers 23 – Bears 26

What are your predictions?