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Titans fire Ken Whisenhunt. Should Chargers be interested?


The Tennessee Titans have fired former San Diego Chargers OC Ken Whisenhunt. With all the issues for the last couple of seasons on offense with Frank Reich calling the shots, fans will wonder if we will bring back Whiz.

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The team played well under Whisenhunt in his lone season with the Chargers. Some fans will believe that he had his head in the clouds during the playoffs since he was looking to become a head coach, but he got this team moving the ball up and down the field and the team was controlling the clock. His offense worked and could be successful again with the offensive line in shambles.

There have been a lot of question marks with Frank Reich’s playcalling and his ability to run an offense. We know what Whisenhunt can bring to the team and I would love to have him back on the sideline with this team. He has the head coaching experience that Mike McCoy needs and he has brought teams to the Super Bowl with his offensive system.

The Titans may not have been successful in his 2 seasons as the head coach, but there are a lot of things that are wrong with that team. I still believe that the Chargers roster should have been able to control the clock and move the ball up and down the field despite some of the injuries on the roster. I would love to see the Chargers bring Whiz back as a coordinator. That could actually be one way that I see this team keeping Mike McCoy around.

If the Chargers were to make some changes with their coordinators, then they could keep McCoy around for another season. John Pagano and Frank Reich need to go. I wouldn’t mind having the experience of Mike Nolan and Ken Whisenhunt running the coordinator positions. I wouldn’t mind seeing what other potential coordinators become available as well.