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The weekly FIRE MIKE MCCOY thread


This has to get tiring at some point. At some point, Tom Telesco will have to move in another direction. If he doesn’t go in another direction, then he is as hard headed with his decision as anyone and will just have to go as well. Is Tom Telesco hard headed? Just look over to the bench and stare deep into the eyes of Donald Brown. There is no reason to keep him on the roster, but he still seems to find a way on there.

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Will the Chargers make a move to fire Mike McCoy this week? Likely not. This thread will likely be brought up week after week until we finally make a freaking move. After week 17, we might as well keep this thread at the top of the blog for the whole offseason.

There is no accountability on this team. The Chargers are sitting in the cellar and look to be in the running for the top draft pick. The team finds a way to lose every single week and it is ugly to watch. How will this team find a way to break our hearts against the Chicago Bears?

At this point, the Chargers are one of the worst teams in the league and will now be looking to rebuild. The Tennessee Titans and the Detroit Lions are the only two teams with less wins than the Chargers. Things are looking like SH!T! This is the worst season in a long time and it is time to start cleaning house. Someone has to go!