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Chargers need to make a move today


The San Diego Chargers looked like crap on Sunday. This is a game that the San Diego Chargers needed to win, but instead they came in flat and the team was outcoached from the start of the game. Where do we go from here?

I refuse to believe that this team does not have the talent to win. I believe that the talent is there, but the team stubbornly goes with a gameplan that is not successful. This defense has been awful, yet we have done nothing to change it. Why do we keep accepting the fact that the defense is terrible?

Nobody on the roster can tackle. It is embarrassing to watch this team try to tackle the ball carrier. I consistently see Jimmy Wilson getting beaten left and right. We don’t have a proper nose tackle to run a 3-4 defense, but we continue to keep it rolling. Our best nose tackle usually is sitting on the bench though. Brandon Flowers has been consistently beaten all season long, but he still keeps starting on defense.

The offense continues to come into games flat and the only time that the Chargers seem to move the ball is when Philip is running that no huddle offense and coming back from a huge deficit. Do the Chargers want to run the football or do they just want to just pretend that they are a running team? Why did we spend a first round pick on Melvin Gordon then? The offense moves the ball the best when Danny Woodhead is on the field, but we wait to use him when it is too late.

The Chargers need to make a change. Mike McCoy must be feeling the hot seat right now. The team is sitting at the basement of the AFC West and the Chargers need to cut ties. The only coach on the roster that can be given the reigns is Mike Nolan. We just hired Nolan in the offseason and he is the only coach on the roster that has the experience to run a team. We can’t give our crappy coordinators the job to run the team either.

What a bad situation that we are sitting in right now. The Chargers need to make a move today. Fire Mike McCoy.