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Eff the Raiders


Straight up….. EFF the Oakland Raiders! It is Raiders week and this might be the first time that it was mentioned here, but we all knew what week it was.

Whatever has happened in the last few weeks can go in the rear view mirror because all we care about is crushing the Oakland Raiders. For the longest time, this rivalry we have had got a little boring because the Raiders were so BAD. I will give the Raiders some props for building the team up and getting some talent on the roster, but that just makes us want to drop them down even further.

The veterans on this team know how much it means to the city of San Diego to beat the Oakland Raiders. Even Keenan Allen has learned about the rivalry that we have with that team after he messed up and wore a Raiders hat once. The other youngsters on this roster need to know how much this means to the city and the fans.

If Melvin Gordon wants to get out of the dog house, he will kill it in the game this weekend. If Brandon Flowers wants to get out of the dog house, he will kill it in this game.

All the games in the division are huge rivalries. We want to win this game, especially to shut up all the Raiders fans from talking on Monday after the game. We would rather be talking about the win from the weekend and then listening to their same old story of winning championships.

We want that win. We need that win. Sunday is going to be HUGE. IT IS RAIDERS WEEK AND EFF THE RAIDERS!!!!!