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Chargers WR Keenan Allen looks on schedule to play against Oakland


San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen had to dip out of the game on Sunday a little earlier than he wanted to after busting up his hip. He had not been able to practice this week until today. He has his helmet on and is ready to work with the rest of the team.

Before he hurt his hip, Allen was on pace to have a monster game. He finished the game on Sunday with 14 catches for 157 yards. It was already a monster game and Allen was going for more!

Allen is looking to get back on the field for Sunday’s big time matchup against the Oakland Raiders. At this point in the season, the San Diego Chargers need to find a way to pick up some wins. Any missteps from this point forward could lead to the season’s doom. Allen is one of the biggest playmakers on the roster and will be needed to knock off the Raiders.

I love the connection that Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen have this season. They have been playing very well together this season and their connection will be huge for the rest of the season. Can’t wait to see what Allen does against the Raiders on Sunday.

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