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There still is hope for the playoffs for the Chargers


Just look at the San Diego Chargers schedule. The Chargers have stumbled right out of the gate this season and have already lost to some of the best teams in the league. If you look at the rest of the schedule though, this team is about to string together some wins. This team should be able to make a run.

It starts this week with the Oakland Raiders. The Chargers have made it difficult though. There is no room for missteps on this run. If the league’s top offense wants to make it into the playoffs, they will have to win the games that they are supposed to win.

The rest of the schedule only has one team that has a winning record remaining. The Denver Broncos are undefeated this season and is the only team that has a winning record that remains on the Chargers schedule at this point. The Broncos have the top defense in the league and have been leaning on that all season. Their offense has been struggling throughout the year and the team is beatable.

There is no room for error for the Chargers though. It will be a tough road for this team, since we have a tendency of laying an egg from time to time on some teams that we shouldn’t lose to. How will the Chargers respond? Will this team respond with their backs against the wall? The old Chargers were able to make a run late in the season. Can Philip Rivers bring some of that magic back and get this team to the playoffs?

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