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Should the Chargers bench Melvin Gordon?

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Oct 18, 2015; Green Bay, WI, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Melvin Gordon (28) runs past Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews (52) in the second quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t have a run game and that doesn’t matter. Melvin Gordon can ride the bench all season and it wouldn’t matter to this team. It probably would be better for this offense.

When Melvin Gordon is on the field, the Chargers try to make him the primary threat on offense. He gets more touches than the other stars on this roster. At this point in his career, Melvin Gordon doesn’t need the LT treatment on offense. We don’t have to feed him the football to get him rolling.

With Melvin riding the bench after fumbling twice in the game, the Chargers were moving the football up and down the field through the air. With Danny Woodhead and Branden Oliver lining up in the backfield, Philip would get the time he needed to throw the football and was getting the ball to his top playmakers.

That is what it is about. That’s what it always should have been about. Melvin Gordon needs to find his way to contribute to the team and constantly rushing him up the middle is not the answer. If Gordon can show up picking up blitzes, then he can definitely be a threat on this offense. Until that point, it will be better to play Danny Woodhead the whole game.

How can the Chargers win without a run game?