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Open Thread: Giants @ Eagles


Ahhhhhh….. Remember the good ole’ days when we had a return threat? Remember Darrren Sproles breaking ankles, and taking it to the house? Remember when A.J. rudely gave him the boot, and the Chargers kick return game never recovered, and Sproles continues to beast out for other teams, instead? Well, we can watch him again tonight.

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night Football is an NFC Showdown in the East. The Giants & Eagles will duke it out for first place. No team is really running away with the division yet, and it’s fairly balanced, unlike the lopsided AFC West. At this point, the division is wide open, as one of the top two teams will lose tonight, and one will separate themselves from the pack, for now.

Eli Manning hasn’t been spectacular this season. That makes me smile, and I don’t mind saying it. My best friend is a Giants fan, and he’s a great guy. It’s hard to root against him, but when it comes to the Giants I always do. He was with me when we dismantled them in Qualcomm, and our fans were displaying cutouts of Manning in lipstick & grandma’s earrings.

It looks a little cold in Philly tonight, so we can watch Tom Coughlin’s face slowly get more rosey as each quarter passes. We can watch Chip Kelly’s sideline cue card holders hold up pictures of fried chicken, and babies crying, or whatever nonsense they use to let their players know what play is being called, so the other team is confused.

As I write this, Manning is already  5-5 with a TD to Beckham, so New York is drawing first blood. It’s 7-0 so feel free to use this thread to say whatever. Talk Chargers, talk fantasy football, talk about the latest song releases, talk about your day at work, maybe check out the other articles on the site while you are here to catch up on the latest news, or just talk about whatever you want, because this game has very little impact on the Chargers season, if any at all. But, it looks like it might be a decent game already.

Enjoy the thread, and see you all again this weekend for the dreaded Raiders thread! That open thread always attracts the trolls. Should be a blast!