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If You Are Still Up For it: Late Game Open thread


Jan 18, 2015; Foxborough, MA, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) shakes hands with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) after the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Luck thinks he’s the new Brady, and has a hurt shoulder. Brady always thinks he’s better than everyone, and backs it up. Pretty sure both teams will win their division. But, it would be fun to watch either team lose. I wonder if either of them could beat the Packers in Lambeau, or even come close? Maybe the Patriots? Having said that, I would LOVE to see the Jets or Texans beat either team out, unless it meant the Chargers couldn’t have a wild-card spot.

If you aren’t too emotionally exhausted from today’s game, feel free to throw poo at both of these teams, like a gorilla at the San Diego Zoo. Not only do I not care for either team, I have to keep the mute button on, so that I don’t have to hear them gush non-stop about Brady & Luck. We all know they make way too big of a deal about these two guys, when it’s a team sport. One of them will lose, which makes it a lot like Thunderdome for me.

Let your frustrations out from today’s heartbreaker on this thread. The Colts are currently up 14-10 at home in the second quarter. So, I guess this is a shootout? We’ll see.