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So, it seems like people are still internalizing recent Charger losses, and are now apologizing on our threads for using all CAPS in frustration of the Charger’s season so far. I can’t blame them for using CAPS., and am in favor of them doing so this week. I know everyone thinks that all CAPS are annoying. I am normally one of those people.

However, in light of recent circumstances, I am giving everyone the green light to use all CAPS on this thread to get their frustrations out. Please feel free to rant, rave, foam at the mouth, and speak in tongues while throwing stones at Charger castle, and yelling BOO!!!! BOO!!!!! BOO!!!! … and using ALL CAPS.

Maybe you just want to say normal things in CAPS, confusing people, and being misunderstood by your giant sized font. Perhaps you want to make some parts small, and others big, but end it off with intense GIF’s or symbols. That is not only perfectly fine, but it is encouraged. In fact, I implore you to take it to other parts of the web, and let them know that I said it was OK.

As fans, we can only do so much… we can only say so much… we can only post what we can to get our point across. Perhaps it’s time to let it all out in a cathartic protest by letting the CAPS fly!

I’m not saying we should start acting like a bunch of psychopaths, but I’m not saying we shouldn’t for a day or two. Let’s send a message to the front office by letting them know that the chill pills have worn off, and we want them to do us right. We aren’t fans of the up the middle draw play, certain personnel choices, and we want better play calling. We have stood by this team, and we feel completely within our rights to have an all caps week, if we want to. I don’t know if it will last that long, or catch on at all. But, it appears that people still have some steam to blow off, even after the game has concluded.

So, if you have anything you would like to get off your chest, now is the time to do it. After it’s all out, we will move onto the Raiders game next weekend, where we play our first divisional match-up of the season at Qualcomm.

So, let em have it….GO!!!!!!