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Can the San Diego Chargers tackle Le’veon Bell?


Quick question: Can the San Diego Chargers tackle Le’Veon Bell?

Of course they can tackle him, but how long will it take for them to bring him down? Will he be running down the field after a 15 yard gain by the time that they are able to bring him down?

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The San Diego Chargers have sucked at bringing down ball carriers this whole season. Manti Te’o has been victimized over and over this season. He gets to the ball and the ball carrier slips away while picking up a few more yards.

We all need to keep our eyes on Te’o. If he can make the play, then we will be living large. If he is allowing Bell to slip through his grasp, we will be yelling at that television all night long.

Who will be key in stopping Bell tonight? That defensive line will be extremely tested tonight. They need to find a way to clog up the lanes and allow the backers to make plays.

Donald Butler will have to play the game with more confidence. He needs to make a decision and attack instead of sitting back and waiting for things to come to him.

If the Chargers really want to bring down Bell, then the team better give Denzel Perryman a lot more time on the field. At least he is aggressive on the field and can make a bone crushing hit from time to time.

Let the big hitter on the field and hopefully he will be there to clean up Bell after he slips through another players tackle.

Will the Chargers limit Bell tonight? It will be up to the guys making the tackle.