Chargers LB Denzel Perryman should start over Butler

By Ernie Padaon

San Diego Chargers LB Denzel Perryman needs to get more and more playing time. I know I have been talking about the missed tackles from Manti Te’o a ton, but at least he is in the position to actually make a tackle. Where the hell was Donald Butler all game against the Cleveland Brown? Seriously?

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I remember one play when he was stuck covering Duke Johnson on a streak play and he got burned for the touchdown, but what was he doing for the rest of the game? How does the starting middle linebacker finish the game with only 2 tackles? WHAT THE EFF WAS HE DOING!?!?!?

Te’o is missing tackles and struggling with coverage, but Butler is non-existent. We might as well be playing 10 against 11 at this point. It is time to give Perryman more and more snaps as he gets comfortable on the defense. Even Perryman in his limited playing time finished the game with 4 tackles. There is no way that Perryman should have more tackles than the starter at the position.

Perryman is going to make his share of mistakes, but at least we know that he is going to be aggressive when he makes those mistakes. If you have seen the kid play, you know he is out there to make a big hit and will be playing aggressively.

Butler has not done anything good on defense since he has gotten his big payday. At this point, he should be riding the bench and this team should get the rookie some playing experience. It will be Perryman’s job in the middle of the defense in the near future.

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