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Chargers Melvin Gordon was the lone bright spot


The San Diego Chargers play was pathetic all the way around. The defense could not tackle. The offensive line did their best turnstile impressions and the team left Cincinnati with a loss.

Ther was one glimmer of sunshine in the game though. There was a little sparkle that shined on offense a few times. Rookie Melvin Gordon showed the Chargers fans some impressive runs on Sunday morning.

Let’s look back a little at some of those runs:

He was real fun to watch when he broke into the open field. Any time that he got the football, I expected him to break loose for another big run. I haven’t had that feeling in a long long time!

He is getting more and more comfortable on the field and will be breaking these long runs off for a long time with the Chargers. Hopefully our coaches will learn how to balance having Gordon and Woodhead on the team.

Gordon needs to see the field. If we keep feeding that beast, he is going to rack up a ton of yards and will help this team get some manageable short downs. The offensive line needs to play better. If they can get into a little groove up front, then we will be able to dominate some teams with our rushing attack. We just need that consistency up front.