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Chargers / Bengals – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The Chargers had a rough game this week in Cincinnati. It was one of those games where you just kept feeling like they were going to pull it out but it just didn’t happen. It was a close game and the Chargers were just a play or two away from making this a victory.

The GoodMelvin Gordon – Melvin had his best game as a pro busting out for several big runs.  He was one move away from a touchdown on a couple of them. 16 carries for 88 yards and 5.5 average.

Phillip Rivers – Phil was Phil despite have guys hang all over him.  22 of 27 for 241 with 2 TDs

The BadPass Blocking – Phil was harassed all day as the Bengals attacked Hairston and Watt.  The line surrendered 4 sacks and allowed the Bengals front to disrupt the passing game.

Run Defense – The Bengals ran all over The Chargers. The D couldn’t tackle Bernard. The Bengals tallied 175 yards on the ground on 36 carries – a 4.9 yard average.

Pass Rush – Zero sacks.  Dalton often had all day to throw the ball.

Play Calling – What happened to Gordon?  He seemed to be the only thing going for the Chargers, but he spent most of the second half of the bench.  What was the coaching staff doing? Also, did we not have an answer for the Bengals stacking the box?

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The UglyKeenan Allen’s muffed punt – The difference in the game and a total game and momentum changer. The defense had just stopped the Bengals on their first drive and we gave the ball right back. I don’t know why Javontee Herndon is not on this team.  As long a Jacoby is injured he should be.  Drop Donald Brown and put someone on the team that will actually do something. That simple roster move could have won us the game in Cincinnati.  Keenan Allen and Branden Oliver as much as they are awesome players, they are not return men.

A Torched Flower – Its hard to pick on one play, but this one hurt as Flowers got beat bad on a deep ball.

The Tuck Rule – ugh.