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TNF – Open Thread


There is a lot of interest in tonight’s game for Chargers fans.  It will be interesting to see how these two teams play tonight.

Questions I am looking to get answered…

1. Is Denver’s defense that good, or did the Ravens just struggle against the Broncos?

2. How will KC’s offense performs against the Bronco defense?  The KC offense struggled in the second half of last weeks game against the Texans to move the ball, will they have that same problem tonight or will Alex Smith show us he is ready to lead the Chiefs to the Superbowl?

3. Will Denver’s offense respond to the sluggish start they had last week?

4. How well will Manning play?  Is he out of gas or was last week more to blame on a struggling O-line and a good Ravens defense?

5. How good is the Chief’s defense? People are talking about how great it is but they gave up 396 yards to Hoyer, Mallet and the Texans.  This will be a good test for them tonight.

ExpectationsUnfortunately I feel like this is going to be a defense slug fest tonight.  Most likely the game will be decided by special teams play or defensive scores.

I give KC the edge because they are playing at home.  Chiefs 6 – Broncos 3.

I’m kidding … maybe more like 16 -13

Enjoy the game everyone and enjoy the OPEN THREAD!