How will Chargers offense look when Gates returns?

By Ernie Padaon

What are the Chargers going to do with their rotation when Antonio Gates comes back?

Before we jump too far ahead in this scenario, we do need to see some consistency from Ladarius Green. It was great to see him step up to make some big time plays on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, but that was just one game. We need to see him do it over and over again. That is what makes Antonio Gates great.

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When Gates does return, how is Mike McCoy going to manage that rotation? Both tight ends are not known for their blocking skills, but both are huge threats in the passing game when they are on the field. That could keep some defenders a step slower to get to the run game.

Having both on the field for the Chargers would be a huge threat for defenses to figure out. Who do you cover them with. Linebackers should not be able to hang with either of those guys. Gates has made a living at beating linebackers and moving the chains. Green has great speed and Frank Reich will find ways to run those run routes to allow him to catch the ball on the run.

You can’t cover both big men with corners? If they do decide to use one of their top corners to slow them down, then who will the team use on Stevie Johnson and Keenan Allen? This offense will be tough for teams to match up with.

Would the Chargers keep both tight ends in and keep Johnson and Allen on the field? That would put Malcom Floyd on the sideline. Imagine also having Danny Woodhead on the field at the same time. That is a bunch of offensive threats in the passing game. Who do you match up with?

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