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Chargers sign Kenny Wiggins, waive Kyle Miller


With the injuries to the San Diego Chargers offensive line, the team has released TE Kyle Miller and has signed Kenny Wiggins. The team needed to add more depth up front with both DJ Fluker and Johnnie Troutman out for the next few weeks.

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Why didn’t the team waive Miller during the first cuts on the roster? Instead the team released John Phillips off of the roster on first cuts and then re-signed him when Ladarius Green suffered a concussion. Did Phillips impress that much during the week? Green’s health must be good at the moment since the team is ready to release a tight end off of the roster.

The Chargers still has not announced who will take the starting role at the guard position. The team could go with Chris Watt at guard and have Trevor Robinson as the starter or they could go with Chris Hairston as the starting guard. Wiggins will add depth on the roster and will allow the team to use either Robinson or Hairston in the starting lineup. If I had to make a prediction, the team will go with Hairston as the starter at the guard position and Watt will stay in at center.

Can’t wait to get some of these injured players back on the roster. Fluker was playing well in his first full game at guard for the Chargers. I was looking forward to seeing him get more work. Now we will have to wait.

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