Chargers – #1 Offense in the League

By Mike Murray

The first week of the NFL is in the books and the Chargers offense is sitting on top after all the numbers have been tallied. Four minutes into the second quarter of Sunday’s game the Chargers punted for the last time and from there on out put on an impressive offensive display.  Here are the numbers:

Phillip Rivers had a gaudy 83.3% completion percentage in week one.

1st in yards: 4833rd in points: 331st in passing yards: 40419th in rushing yards: 95

The rushing yards is the only thing that looks weak on that list.  Of course Detroit was #2 in the league last year in defending the run. Was the Chargers running game mediocre on Sunday or was it just up against a tough defense? That probably won’t be answered until a couple more games have been played.

The Chargers offensive display was anchored by two key characters who also find themselves sitting on top on their respective charts.

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Keenan Allen was #1 in receiving yards and receptions.

Phillip Rivers was #1 in passing yards and completion percentage with a gaudy 83.3%.

Can this offensive be one of the best in the league?  It looks like they are off to a good start.