Chargers TE Ladarius Green living up to potential in week 1

By Ernie Padaon

Ladarius Green showed up in a big way in the first week of the season. He finally got his chance to play a full game and he made some noise on offense for the San Diego Chargers. That is what happens when he finally gets his opportunity.

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When he gets the football in the passing game, he is tough to bring down. He was bouncing off of defenders and was using his stiff arm to pick up extra yards after the catch. There were times that he looked like Antonio Gates running the seam route, but then he showed that extra gear and ability to break tackles that we have not seen from our hall of fame tight end.

If he can get some consistent playing time throughout the year, he will be a dynamite weapon for the Chargers passing game. He runs like a receiver in the passing game, but unfortunately he blocks like a receiver as well. There were a number of times that he struggled picking up the block in the run game. If he wants to be a complete player for the Chargers, he will need to improve in that department.

Green showed flashes and has 3 more games as the team’s starting tight end. If he continues this type of play, he will be the team’s starter in the future. Having him as an option with Antonio Gates will make the two tight end sets very tough to cover. The team just has to prove that they can run the ball with those guys on the field.

What did you all think of Pee Wee’s performance?

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