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Chargers rookie Melvin Gordon will shine in week 1


The skeptics are out there for San Diego Chargers rookie Melvin Gordon. Gordon didn’t do much in the preseason and some fans are already wondering if he will make an impact for the team.


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Even watching the little reps that I saw from Melvin Gordon, you could see glimpses of something special. He is going to make his rookie mistakes, but I could see the acceleration that he has. I could see his burst. I could see his quickness to elude defenders. I could see his strength to break tackles and carry defenders.

Fans will look at the numbers and wonder what the hell was I watching. Go back and watch the number of busted assignments the team had on the offensive line. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in that group and they both need to learn how to trust each other.

The Chargers will be opening it up on Sunday against the Detroit Lions and everything changes when the teams step on the field. Melvin will benefit from having Philip Rivers on the field as his quarterbacks. Teams will have to respect Philip’s ability to throw the ball down the field, but Philip will also get Melvin in some good running situations. Having the veteran in the backfield to adjust the calls at the line of scrimmage will be huge for the rookie.

The Detroit Lions have a lot of players that can fly to the football, but Melvin will find some room to run at some point. When he has the football in his hands, he always has that ability to pop a long run. I think that the hype will rise up again.

What do you think Melvin will do in his first game?

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