Chargers fans listed as least optimistic by Facebook

By Ernie Padaon

Apparently, we have ridiculously skeptical fans that are on Facebook. I don’t know how Facebook did this study, but Chargers fans are listed as the least optimistic fans in the league and it isn’t even close.

Check out this study that was just released by Facebook:

Poor #Chargers fans.

— Cork Gaines (@CorkGaines) September 10, 2015

The Chargers are not even on the same playing field with the rest of the league in the optimism department. It also seems that the Kansas City Chiefs fans are the most optimistic fans around.

This seems like BS. If they are just counting all the “bad” words that are mentioned by Chargers fans, then they may be taking into account all the smack that we talk about the other teams. They may be taking into account all this talk about Los Angeles and the stupid stadium issue that we are dealing with.

I just don’t get the study. I guess I should just be as pessimistic as the “rest of us” are. OUR TEAMS SUCKS! WE ARE GOING TO FINISH THE YEAR AT 2-14!! Our only 2 wins are going to come against the stupid Oakland Raiders.

Screw the Raiders and screw that stupid poll! We are going to be back in the playoffs and we are going to win this division! AFC West champs… here we come!

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