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Chargers vs. Seabirds – OPEN THREAD!!!


The Chargers will be taking on the Seahawks today in their 3rd Pre-Season match-up.  This will be the game that we will probably get to see the most play time from the starters and potential starters.

Things I will be watching for:

  • Run blocking by the offensive line.  Has this unit gelled yet?
  • Running by Melvin Gordon.  Hopefully we will see less dancing and more ‘one cut and go!’
  • Catches by Stevie Johnson.
  • More outstanding play from out LBs.  Less keep it rolling from last week.
  • Better pass defense from the secondary.
  • Somebody on the D-line not named Liuget to step up and make plays.

Also, I will be looking in general to see how the Chargers match up against one of the best teams in the NFL.

Enjoy the game everyone!


Stay healthy….

And enjoy the open thread!