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Is the Chargers QB Depth a Concern?


The Chargers have been blessed with a very durable Phillip Rivers for many years.  And even when Phil has gotten banged up pretty bad he has still played.  If the dude can walk with a limp its a pretty sure bet he will be playing.  Even the few times Phil was not able to go we always had a serviceable Charlie Whitehurst to fall back on, but now it is Clemens and Sorensen who be need to back up the signal caller.

Thursday nights game was a rough night for Kellen Clemens, who looked very uncomfortable in the pocket.  He was supposed to be the solid veteran who would step in, if the unthinkable happens and Rivers should be hurt enough to miss a game or two.  But on Thursday he looked like a rookie trying to adjust to the speed of backups playing the pro game.  He showed no confidence stepping up in the pocket and several passes were off the mark.  5 for 10 for 31 yards is not a very impressive line at all.

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Brad Sorensen did not do much better, although he looked a little more comfortable.  He went 4 for 8 for 24 yards.

Neither of these guys gave me any confidence that they could pull a Billy Volek if they were called on.

Its probably too early to worry about this.  We have 3 weeks of camp left, but Thursday night left me feeling all sorts of uncomfortable.