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San Diego mayor’s office release Chargers stadium artist renderings


The city of San Diego released some renderings on what the new stadium in San Diego could look like if the Chargers were to stick around.

Here are some of the renderings that were drawn up:

New #Chargers stadium design from Populous architectural firm (see photo gallery at shortly)

— Roger Showley (@rogershowley) August 10, 2015

#SanDiego Mayor's office releases #Chargers stadium artist renderings in conjunction w/ today's noon update. (2 of 3)

— Carlos Rico (@JCarlos_Rico) August 10, 2015

What a dream come true for San Diego fans if it were to really happen! The fans of the team would go nuts if we were able t o keep the team in town and be able to see a state of the art stadium to host the team. We would be able to see Super Bowls roll through here constantly if we were able to build it up.

The city of San Diego has been working to keep things rolling. We don’t know what the outcome will eventually be.

I wonder what the Carson group will be thinking of all this. I wonder what the Chargers are thinking of all this. The city is working to make things happen. Can the city get the team back at the negotiating table after releasing this now or will the team walk away and act like nothing happened.

Let’s wait for a statement from the team on all of this.

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