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HOF doesn’t use Junior Seau in Chargers uniform on banner at entrance


What in the world were the people at the Hall of Fame thinking when they put together the banner for this year’s class of 2015? Why would they have Junior Seau in a New England Patriots jersey on the banner that is sitting at the entrance to the hall instead of Junior in a San Diego Chargers uniform?

Check out the banner here:

The HOF banner at Canton features one of the greatest Chargers of all time, Junior Seau, in a Patriots jersey. Ugh

— Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) August 6, 2015

At least they did acknowledge that Junior played with the Chargers at one point in his career with a different banner that was hanging across the street from the Hall of Fame:

Young Junior, across street from Pro Football Hall of Fame. … Banner near entrance has him in Patriots uniform.

— UTKevinAcee (@UTKevinAcee) August 6, 2015

I don’t know how many people looked at that banner before they had it printed, but that seems like a bit of an oversight. Junior Seau spent 13 seasons in the Chargers uniform and played in 200 games with the lightning bolts on his shoulders. He played in 4 seasons with the New England Patriots and 3 seasons with the Miami Dolphins. I wonder if there is a banner going around to rep his time with the Fins around there somewhere.

Junior was an amazing talent and we all love him here in San Diego. We wish he was here to celebrate this time with all of us. We wish things could have been a little different.

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