San Diego gives Chargers Sept 11 deadline to commit to staying

By Ernie Padaon

The city of San Diego is tired of all the games and they put a deadline for the Chargers to commit to staying in the city. That deadline is Sept 11. 

The city of San Diego is giving the San Diego Chargers a Sept 11 deadline to commit to staying in the city. The city is tired of all this lingering and would rather have this team figure something out or just tell the city that they are going to move on out.

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City officials told the Chargers on Tuesday the two sides need to reach a deal by the September deadline on the proposed $1.1 billion stadium in order to meet legal requirements that would enable a Jan. 12 special election to be held for the stadium. – OC Register

The clock is ticking and we will get to see the intentions of the Chargers come September 11. What will the team do? Many believe that the team is already gone. The team already walked away from the negotiating table with the city. Do they really want to stay or were they waiting for the perfect time to dip out to Los Angeles?

If the team doesn’t make the commitment on September 11, then we should have an interesting season. The season starts on September 13 with the Chargers going up against the Detroit Lions in the opener. How would the fans respond to a farewell tour?  Will they even show up?

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