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Philip Rivers still without a contract as Chargers training camp opens


Training camp is about to heat up for the San Diego Chargers and it will begin with a pair of the team’s top players without contracts for next season. Philip Rivers and Eric Weddle are going into the final year of their contracts and both will be able to become free agents at the end of the year if the two sides are unable to reach an agreement with the team. It already seems like we will be letting Weddle walk next season, but what is the plan with Philip Rivers? The team still has not locked him in and they were hoping to get it all wrapped up before the start of camp.

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How long will they let this thing linger around? Will they get the deal done before the start of the season or will we be looking to make a deal at the end of the year? Does Philip Rivers even want to be back with the Chargers?

Philip says that he won’t let the contract linger around for the season. He will get the deal done soon or will wait till the end of the year to deal with the drama.

The Chargers offseason has been madness. We have this Los Angeles story that will not die. We have heard about Philip Rivers trade rumors during the draft. We have heard about Eric Weddle and his poor chances of returning to the team. It has been a mess. At the very least, we could hear some good news about the status of Philip Rivers and his future with the team.

Right now, we just wait and hope that we get something done. Who would we have playing the position otherwise?

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