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Chargers fail with their pocket schedules


The San Diego Chargers released their pocket schedules to the public with Antonio Gates on the cover with the quote: Nothing Great Comes Easy.

Now this was probably a really bad idea on the part of the San Diego Chargers. The pocket schedules for the 2015 season was released and it has Antonio Gates on the cover with the quote “Nothing Great Comes Easy.”

That was a stupid idea to release that out for the public:

First off… whoever took that photo above needs to learn how to white balance just a little bit. That is just a terrible photo!

Anyway, if you were hiding under a rock playing video games, then you might have missed out on the story of Antonio Gates. Gates was recently suspended for the first 4 games of the season for PEDs. I guess Gates was looking for the easy way which their slogan said what again?

The Chargers could have pulled all of these schedules back and created a new pocket schedule, but they just let it out for the world to judge. Pretty stupid!

What are they thinking out there at Chargers park? We have all kinds of news that have been disheartening to the fans of late and then we get something like this. They could have made it

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