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Which Keenan Allen will the San Diego Chargers get in 2015?


Will Keenan Allen be able to step his game up in the 2015 season? Can he be the Pro Bowl player that we thought we had in his rookie year? 

What Keenan Allen are we going to see on the field in 2015? In his rookie season, we thought that we had a player that would be in multiple Pro Bowls and would be tearing up the competition. We didn’t see that in his next season though. He didn’t even eclipse the 1000+ yard mark and his touchdown total was cut in half.

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Allen was moved from the 4th receiver on the roster in his rookie season to the team’s top threat at receiver in his sophomore year. Opposing teams would place their best cover corner on Allen to slow him down. Allen had to go up against the Darrelle Revis’s and Richard Sherman’s of the world and he couldn’t break free for some of the spectacular plays that he made in his rookie season.

Which Allen will we get? which Allen will step onto the field?

Without Antonio Gates on the field for the first 4 games of the year, Allen will be a player that needs to step his game up. He will have to prove that he can be one of the elite receivers in this game.

Can Allen be that player? Can he step it up and beat some of the best in the game?

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