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What Is The Chargers’ Strategy For A Stadium?


We’re all pawns in a game where Mark Fabiani is the ringmaster, bullying his way through San Diego to get exactly what he wants from all of us. At least that’s how most Charger fans are thinking of him right now. Yesterday the Fabiani released a statement from the team just hours after Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and County Supervisor Ron Roberts held a joint press conference after their third negotiation session with the team, saying how it was a “productive exchange” between the two sides, and that a consensus should be met soon.

Fabiani’s statement said otherwise, how they will not be up for a vote in 2015 because they feel that the city’s options will not to be exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which will take more than a year to jump over. This is probably the biggest blow to our hopes and dreams of keeping the Chargers in San Diego since the joint proposal with the Raiders came out. So now what do we make of this?

Honestly, the strategy that they’re using is playing a big game, playing us all to see how much they can get out of the city of San Diego. This game that Fabiani is playing is really just to get exactly what the Chargers have wanted all along: a stadium built in downtown. That’s the reason why they’ve shed a rain cloud over whatever positive news comes out of Mission Valley. But on the other side, you can’t blame Faulconer and company for what they’re doing. Fabiani has been very public with how they “don’t care about where” it’s built. Of course they care, which they’ve also said that their preference is downtown.

Fabiani is playing his game in a town where it’s not welcomed. San Diego is an awesome place, a gentle place. It’s like having a bad apple in a community that nobody likes because of how they act. We’ve got our bad apple. He’s been ruffling our feathers all year long, and Faulconer is actually standing up to him and not buying any of it.

So not not just tell us that it’s downtown or nothing?

Why must Fabiani rain our parade on a daily basis whenever there’s a glimmer of hope?

Why must we continue to play the games?