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Did the Chargers give up on the city of San Diego?


The city of San Diego and the Chargers met today to discuss the possibility of keeping the team in town, but it doesn’t sound like the meeting was productive.

The Chargers and the city of San Diego met today and a report has been released. Just looking at the report from the meeting that took place between the city of San Diego and the Chargers, it sure seems like the team will be heading in a new direction very, very soon. Check out the report:

Chargers release statement on today's negotiations with city

— Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) June 16, 2015

It says that the team does not believe that we would be able to get the vote on the ballot based on the various options that have been explored. It seems like the Chargers have given up on the city and will be looking for what is next. Get ready to see the Los Angeles Chargers!

First we get Eric Weddle putting his demands to the team about signing an extension before training camp or he is out and now we get this report from the Chargers that says that a vote is not going to happen in time, so we can just stop talking and wasting all this time.

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