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Chargers middle linebackers broke blocking sled

By Ernie Padaon

The San Diego Chargers middle linebackers teamed up and broke a blocking sled. 

The San Diego Chargers have a nice competition brewing at middle linebacker with Denzel Perryman, Donald Butler and Manti Te’o battling for playing time. Each player is looking to step up to the plate and catch the coach’s eyes.

Donald Butler has looked impressive this offseason after an ugly year on the field last season. He was playing through some injuries last season and will be looking to impress any time he hits the field this year. He has shown potential in the past and will be looking to produce. He has already caught people’s eye during minicamp.

Manti Te’o keeps getting better every season. He finds the football and makes plays. He will be looking to make the game changing type of plays next season.

Denzel Perryman was a surprise selection in the draft and he will be looking to bring the heat to the competition. He is a thumper on defense. His presence on the roster will push the other backers to perform. He wants to make the big hit when he gets to the football and he has great instincts to find the football.

As each one is stepping up to prove their worth at minicamp today, they busted up a sled. That is some power.

Check out some of the tweets.

linebackers just broke one-man blocking sled in individual work. Never seen that before. Might want to invest in new equipment Chargers.

— Eric Williams (@eric_d_williams) June 16, 2015

Chargers assistant trying to fix sled, but it looks shot. Inside linebackers broke it.

— Michael Gehlken (@UTgehlken) June 16, 2015

Here's the sled

— Eric Williams (@eric_d_williams) June 16, 2015

Those sleds are sturdy and would take a lot to destroy. It looks like our linebackers busted this one up. I wonder which backer broke it? I wonder if it was Perryman? He would be the likely candidate. The story wouldn’t be as cool if it was just some practice squad dude.

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