Eric Weddle still not at Chargers training camp

By Ernie Padaon

Eric Weddle still has not joined the rest of the Chargers at training camp. 

There was talk that Eric Weddle would make his return to training camp after the team had drawn their line in the sand on his contract situation, but he still has not shown up to join the rest of the team. He still is MIA.

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At this point, training camp is still optional for all the players to attend, but most of the team is there and Weddle normally is with the rest of the team during this time of the year. He doesn’t have to show up at this time and he can choose to come back when it is required. Antonio Gates is not at camp at the moment either. The Weddle situation is different though.

Weddle likely is not with the rest of the crew because he is unhappy with the way the team is handling his contract and will likely get back with the rest of the team when he needs to get on the field. There has already been some talk that he is not willing to contribute on special teams this season. Is there any other requests that he has at this point?

The Chargers may have made their stand on his contract and how they will deal with his situation, but Weddle seems to be making his own stand. Will this become an unhealthy situation for the team? Weddle is the star of the defense and should have been considered for an extension, but the team is looking to move in a different direction at this time. The team does not want to invest in their star player for the future. How else should Weddle feel about the situation?

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