How will Tom Telesco respond to Eric Weddle situation?

By Ernie Padaon

Eric Weddle is holding out for a new contract. This will be the first time that Tom Telesco deals with this type of situation. How will he respond? 

What is going to happen with Eric Weddle this offseason? Will he get the extension that he is looking for or will the two sides play hardball? Weddle is pushing the envelope and sitting out OTAs in order to get a new deal from the San Diego Chargers. He wants to finish his career with the Chargers, but does not want to play out his current deal. He wants the assurance of a long-term deal before he steps back out on the field with the team or he doesn’t want to step out onto the field.

How will Tom Telesco deal with the situation? This will be the first test for Tom and the crew with this type of situation. There will be other players that will want to play hardball like this in the future and the way that Tom deals with it now will set a precedence on how Tom deals with it in the future.

Weddle has been the top defensive player for the Chargers for the last few seasons. He knows what his value is for the team and he worked a huge deal while AJ Smith was still making the calls as the general manager. Will he be able to swing another big time deal with Tom making the calls?

The San Diego Chargers might have the best secondary since Weddle has joined the team, but he is not on the field to work with the rest of the guys. Brandon Flowers was re-signed to the team in the offseason to take one corner spot and Jason Verrett is coming back from a shoulder injury and is getting close to full speed. He will be ready when the season starts up. Both players showed some great signs last season.

Where will Weddle be? Will he be working with the team with a multi-year deal or will he be disgruntled working for a new contract.

I believe the Chargers get it done before OTAs opens up again in June. What do you all think?

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