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Melvin Gordon worked out deal to get No. 25 from Stuckey


San Diego Chargers RB Melvin Gordon worked out a deal to get the jersey number 25 from Darrell Stuckey. 

It sounds like Melvin Gordon has worked out a deal with Darrell Stuckey to wear the number 25 this season. According to Gordon’s mom via the Pioneer Press, he has worked things out:

“He just told me a couple of days ago that he’s changed his number back to 25,’’ said Carmen Gordon. “One of the guys on the special teams has No. 25 and he talked to him and they’re going to (negotiate). He worked out a deal because he wants to keep No. 25. But I’m sure he’s going to have to give him some duckies.’’

Some DUCKIES! It sounds like mom has the inside scoop on the jersey number exchange, but I have not seen the kid in a new jersey during their workouts.  I believe momma though. I wonder how much duckies it cost Gordon to get that number away from Stuckey. Duckies for Stucky!

Whatever number Gordon will be wearing this season, we just want to see him tear it up on the field and pick up a ton of yards on the ground. We want to see that playmaker that we saw at Wisconsin. As long as he does that, then he can have whatever number that he wants.

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