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Denzel Perryman still has a chip on his shoulder


The San Diego Chargers chose Denzel Perryman with their second selection in the draft and many fans were surprised by the move. The fans did a little research on him and now are looking forward to seeing what he could bring to the field for the Chargers. The fans are looking forward to him bringing the heat when he gets to the ball carrier.

Perryman spoke to the media after his first day at camp today and you could see what type of human being we added onto the roster.

Perryman: "This is a dream come true, but I've still got a chip on my shoulder."

— San Diego Chargers (@Chargers) May 15, 2015

The dude is a freaking tank. I would hate to get hit by him if I had the football in my hands. If anything, he looks the part of a middle linebacker.

We will have to see what he will do in the middle of the defense. He will be competing for a starting job on the defense. He will be looking to unseat Donald Butler or Manti Te’o in the middle. It will definitely be a position that we keep our eyes on during training camp to see how each linebacker steps up to the challenge. I believe that Perryman will see plenty of playing time by the end of the season. He will make some big time impact plays. I don’t know if he will win the job out of training camp, but he will find a way to get on the field as a starter by the end of the year.

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