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Is Kyle Arrington a fit for the San Diego Chargers?


The New England Patriots released Kyle Arrington off of the roster today. Is he a fit for the San Diego Chargers? 

The San Diego Chargers could use more depth in the secondary. The team just drafted Craig Mager in the 3rd round of the draft and also signed Patrick Robinson to add more depth to the team, but there is another player that has just become available that could be a nice fit on the roster covering the slot. The New England Patriots released Kyle Arrington today and the Chargers should have an interest in the corner.

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Outisde, the team already has Jason Verrett and Brandon Flowers. They will be the starting corners for the team, but who will cover the slot receivers on the team. Marcus Gilchrist did that a lot when he was on the roster and Jimmy Wilson would likely be the top player to do it now that he has been signed onto the roster. Patrick Robinson would also get the opportunity to make plays at the position and Craig Mager might also get an opportunity. The team could use someone with a better track record to produce at the position. Kyle Arrington would be that guy to give the team some production.

In the AFC West with Peyton Manning throwing the ball around in Denver, teams need to have as many good corners as they can on a roster. Arrington is someone that can lock down players that line up in the slot. The combination of Arrington, Verrett and Flowers would be able to lock down receivers and could give defensive coordinator John Pagano to send more people after the quarterback. It would give the pass rushers a little extra time to get to quarterbacks as well.

Do you think the San Diego Chargers should have an interest in Kyle Arrington?

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