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Chargers move up in power rankings after draft


The San Diego Chargers moved up 3 spots in the power rankings. 

The San Diego Chargers moved up the ESPN power rankings. The team moved up 3 spots and are now sitting at 13 on the power rankings.

We all know that the power rankings don’t mean crap, but they are something to talk about for a little bit. The Chargers were sitting at the top spot at one point last season and we didn’t even get into the playoffs.

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The guys at ESPN like what the Chargers did in the draft though. They moved up 3 spots in the power rankings after adding Melvin Gordon, Denzel Perryman and the rest of the crew.

Philip Rivers has a new toy that he can use on offense. He has a back that can take the pressure off and carry some of the load. He has a back that can carry the game if needed.

The Chargers won 9 games without a running game for most of last season. If Melvin Gordon can perform like many people believe that he can, then the team will be much better than last season. At least on paper, the team seems like it has gotten better.

There still are some areas of concern for the Chargers going into training camp. Someone has to step up into those spots and perform. If they are able to do that, then we will be sitting pretty.

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