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Marcus Mariota’s camp believes Chargers trying to trade for him


Marcus Mariota’s camp believes that the Chargers are trying to trade up for him. 

We wouldn’t be closing in on draft day without another rumor about the San Diego Chargers interest in Marcus Mariota. Mariota’s camp believes that the Chargers or the Eagles will be the most likely team to move up in order to take him. They didn’t saw where they would move up to what team.

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The San Diego Chargers and thee Tennessee Titans have denied talking to each other about a possible trade. I am sure there has been talks to Philip Rivers’ agent though since he reps the Titans head coach and GM also.

There is also the possibility of Mariota slipping past the 2nd selection in the draft and that could open up other possibilities for the Chargers to make a trade. Who really says that Philip Rivers has to be included in the trade? That would likely make the most sense though.

We only have one more day that we have to sit through all the Mariota talk. When the 2nd selection gets on the clock, you better believe that we will all be on the edge of our seat wondering if we are going to make that crazy trade. If Mariota starts slipping closer to the 17th selection, then we all will be wondering if we make that selection if he gets there.

The Chargers shouldn’t have been even mentioned as a possibility for Mariota going into this draft, but all the talk is surrounding them. With Philip Rivers becoming a free agent at the end of the year and no talk of re-signing, the team has looked into the possibility of taking Mariota and brought him in for a workout. The firestorm all spread after that. We will see if there is any meat to this story on Thursday.

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