Chargers Rumors

Philip Rivers: It All Boils Down To This


The trade speculation surrounding Philip Rivers these days will not stop. It’s got everybody in San Diego worried, and quite frankly, panicked over other things. Our fearless leader in Rivers is starting to have doubts, so should we, right?

Granted that none of us are in Chargers Park on a daily basis listening to whatever is going on, but what it all comes down to is the future of this franchise as we know it today. We all know our core group of players are getting older. Rivers. Gates. Weddle. Floyd. That doesn’t suggest that their careers are over by any means, but so many changes COULD happen, not saying they ARE going to happen. Then there’s the possibility of moving to Los Angeles, which I think is the biggest issue with Rivers.

We has come out publicly and said that he does not want to move to Los Angeles. Why move to LA when he could potentially move somewhere closer to his home in the South? It’s understandable on his end.

Then there’s the argument about how, as LaDainian Tomlinson put it a few days ago, Rivers has “lost faith” in the organization. I honestly don’t think that is the case because of some of the moves we’ve made this offseason. Stevie Johnson, Jacoby Jones, and Orlando Franklin are all signed to play in powder blue now, just to name a few on the offensive side. Tom Telesco has given him some weapons to play with on top of the ones he already has. Really the only position we might need to upgrade is running back, but we’ll know in a week or so if we address that through the draft.

The future competitiveness of the Chargers shouldn’t be that big of an issue as Telesco is thriving as a GM and Mike McCoy’s systems are starting to prove themselves. The talent is there, and we all know as long as Rivers is starting under center, we go as he does.

He’s a family man. A loyal man. But understandably will only be loyal to San Diego.