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Marcus Mariota and Chargers reschedule dinner tonight


San Diego Chargers and Marcus Mariota rescheduled and had dinner tonight. 

The San Diego Chargers have moved up their appointment with Marcus Mariota to Tuesday. They will have dinner with him tonight and will work him out on Tuesday. They were scheduled to work him out on Wednesday. Not sure why there was a sudden change of plans. Maybe they didn’t want the media to be involved with the workout so they made some last second adjustments. I am sure the media will find a way to get there anyway.

Change of plans. Chargers headed to Eugene now, will dine with Marcus Mariota tonight, work out QB tomorrow:

— Michael Gehlken (@UTgehlken) April 14, 2015

The whole reason for all the speculation about trading Philip Rivers is because of this scheduled workout with one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. Why would the Chargers want to meet with Mariota when they already have a franchise quarterback on the roster? When the quarterback is aging and on the last year of his contract and won’t sign a long-term deal, then there seems to be something up.

There is a possibility that Mariota falls to 17 where the Chargers make their selection, but that doesn’t seem to be the likely spot that the Chargers would select him. There has been talk about Mariota being taken with the first overall selection, so the possibilities of him being available with the 17th overall selection seems far-fetched.

How will the Chargers get Mariota on their roster? Why are they even looking at the possibilities. It is because the possibilities are real and the Chargers definitely could make a run at him. You don’t waste time on a private workout with a quarterback if there is no possibility of us taking him. The possibilities are real. The Chargers could make a run. If they do not end up with him, they will deny that they had any thoughts of replacing Philip Rivers. Just don’t be surprised if word comes out that the Chargers went hard after him.

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