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When will San Diego Chargers 2015 schedule be released?


The San Diego Chargers 2015 preseason schedule has been released, when will the regular season schedule be released? 

The San Diego Chargers 2015 preseason schedule has been released and we all want to know what the schedule for the 2015 regular season will look like. When will that be released? There still is not an exact date that has been released at this point,  but we know that it is coming soon. The NFL Network has been promoting the regular season schedule release, but has not specified an exact date on when it will happen.

The NFL usually releases the schedule in the middle of April.  Usually, it happens in the middle of a mid-April week, with next Tuesday (April 14) being the earliest date for doing it and the last Thursday before the draft (April 23) likely being the deadline, via Mike Florio.

At this point, we will be waiting for an official announcement from the NFL Network. The league will definitely find a way to make it a spectacle for everyone to watch. The announcement for the announcement date will be out soon. Hopefully we find out about it soon, because we all are anxious and impatient.

The bigger question for us at this point: Who will we be taking in the draft for these games? Will we see Marcus Mariota on this roster? Will this be the final season for Philip Rivers? Will this be the final year for Antonio Gates?

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