Mike McCoy thinks team can win with current runningbacks

By Ernie Padaon

San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy believes that the team could win with the running backs that are already on the roster. The team still should look to add another one to the roster. 

Mike McCoy wants the world to think that we can win with the running backs that we have on the roster. At the current time, the San Diego Chargers have Danny Woodhead, Donald Brown and Branden Oliver to lead the team in the backfield.

Mike McCoy says of #Chargers running backs, "We can win with the three guys we have right now."

— UTKevinAcee (@UTKevinAcee) March 24, 2015

Even if Mike McCoy believes that this team can win with the backs that he has on the roster, the team will likely be looking to add another back to the team through the NFL draft. Melvin Gordon is a popular name that has been tossed around in San Diego for the last couple of months. That would likely require the first round selection. There are other talented backs in this draft that could help the team.

With Ryan Mathews playing in Philadelphia, the team is in search for a new lead back to take a bulk of the load on offense. The three that are currently on the roster are nice complimentary pieces, but there still needs to be a back that can take the ball and make some big plays.

If the Chargers do not take a running back in the first round, they are expected to take one somewhere in the first 3 rounds. The need is there. Woodhead returning to the field should help out, but this team should find players that can change the game with the ball in their hands. There are only a few guys like that available in the draft, hopefully we will be able to add that guy to this team.

The Chargers have been trying to beef up the offensive line. Adding Orlando Franklin should help out the run game, but there still is work that needs to be done up front. The team could likely add another guard to the roster to create more holes for the backs to run through.

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